ISSN: 2536-4480

Year: 2018 Volume: 1 Issue: 2 Page: 121-136

doi: 10.15659/ijaat.18.04.898

Modelling and Experimental Investigation of Clutch Damper Spring Stiffness Effect on Truck Driving Comfort


In recent years heavy commercial trucks engine power and torque levels show significant rising in parallel to commercial activities.  Increased demands on driving comfort and fuel efficiency in trucks require to design more efficient powertrain systems. These parameters require to obtain optimum values in powertrain system.  The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of damper spring stiffness on truck driving comfort with 1-D simulation and makes correlation with experimental vehicle test. In the aim of this, the truck powertrain system was modelled and the experimental test results have been compared with modelled  powertrain system results. Clutch, which helps to increase the life time of the various components in powertrain system of the vehicle and helps to meet the requirements of driving comfort, have an important role in powertrain systems by regulating the torque transmission. The real driving conditions of the vehicle was simulated by 1-D modelling, response of the powertrain system to the vibrations was investigated on the basis of frequency and comparison performed with real vehicle test results. Conclusions have been found proportional between experimental and numerical results.  

Anahtar Kelimeler (Keywords): ‘Clutch damper spring stiffness’, ‘vehicle vibration’, ‘powertrain system modelling’, ’vibration simulation’, ‘clutch disc design’, ‘truck driving comfort’

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