ISSN: 2536-4480

Year: 2018 Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Page: 35-52

doi: 10.15659/ijaat.18.01.890



Electric vehicles continue to develop at a rapid pace in recent years. Due to innovations in industrial and motor technology, electric vehicles can both travel longer and reach higher speed. In recent years, as environmental sensibility has increased, and fossil fuels have been exhausted in the world, electric vehicles have become a serious alternative to gasoline diesel vehicles since they provide solutions for gasoline-diesel vehicles. Due to the decisive stance of states that have advanced industry, electric vehicles will soon become a necessity rather than a good alternative. From the reasons we talked about, electric vehicles have become a matter of serious investment and development, which is at the focal point of various community.

The main focal point of the developments in electric vehicles is to go to longer distances with lower energy and store more energy in both light and small batteries. The production stages are also one of the current problems. The lack of hardware in serial production of electric vehicles is being tried to be solved using different technologies. In this study recent developments are discussed to broaden horizon for future works.


Anahtar Kelimeler (Keywords): Electric Vehicle, Batteries, Battery Management, Rex Engine, Electric Motor

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